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My two cents about the whole Russell Crowe thing

Okay, I will admit, Russell Crowe was NOT horrible. He did decently in Les Miserables. But he is by no means PERFECT or AMAZING in my opinion. He was mediocre singing the part of Javert at best and that’s it. Javert is supposed to be a powerful, commanding baritone and Russell did a weak, OVERLY toned down, nasally sounding tenor. It could have been much worse (we could have had crappy acting as well), but it was very far from spectacular in comparison to vocal performances by Philip Quast, Norm Lewis, Hadley Fraser, and many others on the stage.

There was VERY little drive in his vocal performance. It’s just too dead. I can appreciate the subtlety he has in certain areas, but there were parts that NEEDED the emphasis given on stage performances that just weren’t there. Sorry to burst the bubble for all of you Russell Crowe fanatics, but that’s just the cold hard truth.

He did NOT give a perfect performance, in the movie OR the at the Oscars, and he is by NO means the best Javert either. You’re deluding yourself if you believe either of those things.

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    The point of comparing the tracks is to present a similar situation. It doesn’t have to be his voice, it’s the same sort...
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    Comparing tracks like that doesn’t help as it doesn’t actually bring to the table the actual voice. Ten years in choir...
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    Oh lord, I didn’t want to get into the film/musical stylistic differences overall, but I generally agree (although I...
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    For Gods know what reason they boosted the role in the film version from baritone to tenor and had him sing it tenor...
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    Another thing, IMO, is that the non-belty singing style allowed for by film works extremely well for “I Dreamed a Dream”...